Sway is a tool from Microsoft that allows teachers and students to easily create and share a polished, interactive, web-based canvas of your ideas, creations, and presentations.

Clear Targets

I can
  • log into Office365 account
  • create an Office Sway presentation
  • collaborate with peers on how best to use Sway

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Log In

1. Go to sway.com
2. Click 'Sign In' in the top right.
3. If you already have a Microsoft Account, sign in with
your Microsoft Username and Password.
4. If you do not have a Microsoft Account, click 'Sign
Up Now' at the bottom of the window.
5. Fill in all necessary information and create an account.
Sway.com Home Screen

When you log in, you will usually be directed to your 'My Sways'
page. If you go back to sway.com, you can tell you are logged in
when you see 'My Sways' in the top right corner.

On this page, you will see an introductory video, a ribbon with
example sways, and a Twitter feed showing comments teachers
are making about this product.
My Sways

Click on 'My Sways' to see a catalog of all Sways you have created.
Sways in your catalog can be previewed, edited, remixed, and shared.

There are buttons in 'My Sways' to Create New and Import.
Create A Sway

To Import a Document
1. Click 'Import'
2. Use the browser search window to locate and choose a document
to upload. Documents must be .pptx, .docx, or .pdf.

To Create a New Document
1. Click 'Create New'
2. Add a Title
3. Add pieces to your collection by using the choices in the left margin.
4. Choose Design and Navigation settings in top tabs.

You can organize your Sway on your own, or you can click the 'Remix'
tab to see alternate designs of your work.
Share A Sway

To share a sway-
1. Click Share in the top right corner.
2. Choose
  • Public
  • People with the link
  • Just Me
3. If you choose People with the Link, click the link symbol then copy
and paste that link to post on your website or send via email.

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