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Edulastic is a web-based formative assessment creation tool offering educators advanced authoring features when forming quality questions for students. By offering free content and various questioning types this tool allows students to experience the digital assessment format that will be needed during state testing. Features teachers love:
  • Instant grading
  • Works on any device
  • Template Libraries
  • Customization
  • Aligned with standards

Clear Targets
  • I can create/activate an account on Edulastic.
  • I can create/access classes, questions, and assessments.
  • I can publish assessments on Edulastic.
  • I can use assessments to give formative data to drive instruction.
  • I can access the online help library for Edulastic.

Edulastic Zen Desk (Teacher Training Hub)

What is Edulastic?

How does this fit with District Initiatives?

Let's see by trying a student experience. Take time to try this sample assessment created with Edulastic.
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Edulastic Menus

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Edulastic - One-Page Basics

The PDF below contains a quick sheet with the basics for logging in, making assessments, assigning tests to students, and view reports. The digital copy of the PDF has links that can be clicked. The 3 YouTube playlists have a collection of short, 1-2 minute "How-To" videos for each type of question that Edulastic assessments can use.

EdulasticOne-PagerwithYouTubePlaylistLinks pdf

Edulastic Youtube Channel



Creating Additional Classes Screenshot 2015-08-10 10.33.03.png

You may need to create other classes for small differentiated groups. You will have to add students to the groups you create using the class code.
Press Add Class in the Right Corner
  1. Add Class Name
  2. Choose Grade Level, Subject Area, and Subject
  3. Save the Class with the blue button in the lower right corner.
  4. There are two ways to Share your class with students, by the URL or by using the class code.

Choosing an Assessment from the LibraryScreenshot 2015-08-10 10.43.29.png

Teachers may select questions based on standards, author, grade levels, and even sorting by rating, popularity, name, or recency.

Sample Assessments
Either click the link, , or view the embedded spreadsheet below to see samples different kinds of questions with links.

Creating an Assessment Screenshot 2015-08-10 07.49.41.png

There are three ways to begin creating assessment questions.
  1. Start fresh with your own questions
  2. Searching the Library for Pre-made questions
  3. Sharing Assessments from Others

Social Studies teachers will use ELA standards to create their assessments. Science questions are being created based on NGSS.
By default, the standards available will be based on the grade/subject information entered by a teacher when creating the teacher account. Access additional standards by choosing another subject/grade from the dropdown menus.

How to Create a New Assessment

1.Title the Assessment

2. Add questions to an assessment -

Three options:

  • Create (make your own question)
  • Select (select questions on a specific standard/preview questions/ check to add those you choose based on quality and validity)
  • Auto Select (Not Recommended - Automatically adds questions from the selected standard to your assessment without preview)

3. Select pre-made questions by placing a check beside the questions you wish to use.


Create and Save your own questions that go with a standard.

4. Selected or created questions are added to your Review Button in the upper right corner.

external image N1jy45iJa6FvqXrsy-61Q2fA6hU4ElVPvR83UbkT-bJ4S8CFsxkmFhojGbX3D48MKE7z2ooc7Q_-FpE5PgZ5I84I4HIhgB7T4xfNLmTx_sjpYgQDB4taHPvuKBN05s-yuMtAIjO_

5. When you have finished selecting questions, simply click the blue REVIEW button to see your selections.

6. Click NEXT to assign the assessment to students.

Tech Enhanced Question Types
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Creating Questions

  1. Locate a desired standard for your question. (Access additional standards by changing the subject or grade level on the left margin)
  2. Click Create.
  3. Select Question Type Tab -( Classic Question Types, Math Tech Enhanced, OR ELA Tech Enhanced.)
  4. Select Question Type
  5. Create a question -
    1. Add Question or Directions
    2. Add supporting text, images, videos, or links as needed.
    3. Identify correct answers as needed.
    4. Add any specific scaffolding - such as allowing scratchpad, providing hints, or solution information.
    5. Click SAVE
  6. The question will be added to the blue REVIEW button on your assessment.
  7. To Review your Assessment, click the blue Review button.
  8. Resequence, unselect questions, or add additional questions as needed.
  9. Click Next to advance to the Assigning window.
  10. Reminder: Reference the question type help videos as needed. They are clear and brief.

Change Question Order

Questions can be resequenced by selecting the dots next to the question in this assessment view.
Caution: Do not select the check box. If you have not saved the test and you unselect the question it will be deleted.

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Assigning Options

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Sharing Your Assessment with Others

When saving and assigning look below the gray box and see the sharing settings.

Assessment can be shared at various levels:

  • PRIVATE (only you)
  • PUBLIC - Share with everyone on Edulastic
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Using the Assignments View

In this view the teacher can see assessments that have been created.
On each assessment how many students it has been assigned to, turned in, or graded
    • View Responses
    • Update the assessment
    • Delete
    • Under MORE
      • Embed the assessment directly on a website or wiki
      • Print
      • Preview

Preview or Student View Screenshot 2015-08-10 08.14.14.png

Once you have selected your questions or assessment you can always preview it in the student view. Notice you will be able to see how much time a student has spent on each question.

Online Help Library

(you will need to be on the STAFF-WIFI to access this help library)
Click for Help Library


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