Problem Based Lesson - Elementary (1st Grade)

Problem based lessons are designed to give students a chance to work on real and relevant problems or issues that they may face in everyday life. Providing students with ownership of their learning, choices about their topics, and choices about programs or procedures as they attempt to solve the problems increases rigor and engagement!

Title: Fish Are Friends

Problem: Our classroom pet fish have been dying very often. Everyone is upset about losing our fishy friends. What can be done to keep them alive longer?

Step 1- Research with a partner what living things need to stay healthy. Use the online plant experiment from
(One partner researches through the online experiment. The other partner makes the notes in Kidspiration.)

Step 2- Make notes with a partner by using the Kidspiration 3 "Recording Observations" document in the Science button. Type in your best guess spelling what you are going to change, what you think will happen, and what did happen.

Step 3 - Brainstorm as a group in the classroom to what we will need to change in our experiment and plan by using the Kidspiration 3 "Experiment" document. Think about about what plants how animals are alike and different.

Step 4 - Gather your data and write what you see and measure into the your own Kidspiration 3 “Recording Observations” Journal during computer station time.

Step 5 - Create an plan and share results by making a Kerpoof document with the mobile lab, and then login to their Kerpoof account during station time to finish.

Choose which of the things in the Kerpoof suite will best fit your presentation. You may choose from "Make a Picture", "Make a Story", "Make a Card", or "Make a Movie".

The finished product will be shown to the class through the model classroom equipment by allowing the students to log onto their Kerpoof account from the teacher's laptop.

Enrichment - Keep a daily journal of ongoing progress for the fish in the classroom by adding photos taken with Photobooth on the iMac beside the aquarium, typing the information into Kidspiration 3's "Journal" document in the Reading and Writing button. Load the text and picture to your classroom's Shutterfly webpage, with your teacher's assistance, to share with others beyond your classroom.