Clear Targets:

Participants will learn to:
  • log in to the district site
  • use assessment library questions and resources to create exams
  • customize exams and prepare them for administration and/or printing
  • create test sessions to administer exams online or using paper/pencil
  • access reports
  • use data analysis features
  • access help resources provided by the vendor

PowerSchool Assessment Login

1. Navigate to PS Assessment and Analytics
from the CMCSS Faculty & Staff Tab

2. Enter the username and password
Password: set by user

3. Navigate to PS Assessment and Analytics
from the PowerTeacher Gradebook

  • Once in the gradebook click the Assessment Icon
    on the left side of the screen and click Assessment Home

  • If this is the first time to launch from the gradebook you may
    be asked to log in.
    Remember the username is your full CMCSS email address.

Navigating the User Interface

*In order to view all content please make sure pop ups are allowed for all pages.


Creating An Assessment

Searching Test Item Bank

1. Click the Assessment Library Tab
2. Select a Subject and Grade Level
3. An accordion bar opens in left column with
three categories of resources. The default is
expanded in Items.
Items - Test Questions
Resources - Passages or other resources
Exams - Bank of created tests
1. A list of Standard categories will appear under
the Items category.
2. When you expand, a standard category,
individual standards are listed.
3. Expand the individual standard to see a list
of test items.

Viewing Questions

1. Click on the item for individual question
quick view
Detailed Question View.png
2. Click on item identifier icons for additional
question details

Creating Questions

1. Right click on the desired standard. In the dropdown, select New Item.
2. Select the desired item type. View additional help for item creation at

Viewing Passages

1. Click the Resources tab from within a selected
subject/grade to view available resources.
  • For this training, resources are limited to passages in ELA and Science
2. Passages are organized by Genre/Category
3. Expand to view a list of passages and number of
related questions.

4. Click on an individual passage to view the passage
and a dropdown of all related questions.
5. Each passage is labeled with any available
Flesch Kincaid and/or Lexile readability

Filtering a Search

Searches can be filtered from Items or Resources by
clicking on the gear icon.
Available Filters
(Min/Max Reading Level only available for passages)

Build An Assessment


1. Select the Exams tab and click on New Exam. (A new exam can be created from any screen with the New Exam button available.)
2. Identifiers for exams
Naming Convention:
There are naming conventions for individual assessment items, exams and resources.
Use the naming convention directions in the file below
Screenshot 2016-06-16 11.30.31.png
Screenshot 2016-06-20 09.06.52.png
3. Build the Exam
Exam questions can be
  • pulled from the question banks
  • teacher created
  • combination of both
4. Add Sections and Select Tools

Exams can have one or more sections. The tools available to students can vary by section.
  1. In the exam preview window, click Exam Menu and select Add Section
  2. Right Click/Control Click on a Section and select Edit Section Tools and Exhibits from the dropdown menu
  3. Choose the desired tools for the specific section
    • calculator
    • protractor
    • straight edge
    • highlighter
    • compass
    • eraser
    • ruler
    • eliminator
    • pencil
  4. The default settings for tools that are available are highlighter, eraser, eliminator, and pencil. Unless you add or remove, those tools will be automatically available for each section.


Build the exam using questions from the test bank
  • Your test will be listed in the left window under the category you selected.
  • Click on standards at the left and navigate to desired questions.
  • Drag desired questions to the test box at the right. (If resources, such as passages, are attached to a question, the resource will also drop into the test)

It is also possible to preview ALL test questions associated with a specific standard and mark them to be added to the test from the preview window.
  • Right click/Control click on a standard to open drop down menu.
  • Select Review Items
  • A window will open showing the first of all available test items associated with that standard
  • The number of associated items is listed at the bottom left.
  • Use arrows to toggle quickly between questions
  • Check the box next to On Exam for each to be added to the exam
  • Click Close and items are added to exam
Screenshot 2016-06-16 12.15.48.png
Screenshot 2016-06-20 09.15.20.png
Screenshot 2016-06-20 09.23.01.png

Screenshot 2016-06-20 09.23.20.png
Build the exam using teacher created questions
  • Click Menu and New Item (From Items) to manually create a question to be added to the bank
    • You can also right click/control click on the standard from within your test to get the New Item option
  • An Item Wizard will guide you through the creation process.
  • Choose the type of question and click Next
  • Choose format, if available and click Next
  • Select question options and click Next
  • Confirm by clicking Done
  • Build the question
    • Click the Information Tab
    • Select a standard
    • Select Webb's DOK and Bloom's levels, if desired
    • Click the Content Tab
    • Compose the question and answer choices
    • Designate correct answer/s
    • Add images
  • Click Create at the bottom right
  • The question is added to the question bank
  • Drag the question to the exam to add
Screenshot 2016-06-20 08.37.11.png
Screenshot 2016-06-20 08.37.20.png
4. Approving Exams
  • Exams are created in draft status
  • Exams in draft status are BLUE text
  • Exams must be approved in order to
    assign to students.
  • Click Exam Menu:

    • Preview Exam

    • Edit Exam Details
    • Submit/Submit & Approve
    • Preview in iTest
    • Print with Answers
    • Delete
    • Flag to Favorites

  • Select Submit and Approve
  • Approved exam name will be in BLACK text and can be scheduled in the Testing Center
  • Printing available for approved exams using the PDF icon to the right of the exam name
Screenshot 2016-06-20 08.55.47.pngScreenshot 2016-06-16 13.02.31.png

Previewing an Assessment

1. Once you have created or selected an assessment to give your students
follow the directions linked on the right to preview it before assigning it.
*Remember that an assessment cannot be changed once students have taken it and
data is associated with it.

Directions for Previewing an Assessment

Assigning an Assessment

Testing Center

Viewing Scheduled Test Sessions

1. Click on the Testing Center Tab

2. Select Location, Subject, and Exam
For this training:
Location - Abraham Lincoln Middle School
Subject - 6th Grade Math
Exam - 6th Grade Test

Screenshot 2016-06-20 10.50.55.png
3. Select a Teacher
  • When a teacher is selected, a dropdown list will appear that shows eligible courses assigned to that teacher and number of approved test sessions.
  • Our example teacher (Clara Barton) has one eligible course and two scheduled test sessions.
    • One is Open (Designated by at GREEN light)
    • One is Pending (Designated by a RED light)
  • Click on either session to show status and a list of students to which the exam is assigned.
For this training:
To show viewing of scheduled test sessions, choose:
Teacher - Clara Barton

Screenshot 2016-06-20 10.41.29.png
4. Changes can be made to a Session by clicking Menu
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Add a student
  • Print Student List
  • Print Exam
    • With or without answers
    • With or without answer key
Screenshot 2016-06-20 10.46.15.png

Testing Center

Scheduling a Test Session

1. Click on the Testing Center Tab

2. Select Location, Subject, and Exam
For this training:
Location - Abraham Lincoln Middle School
Subject - 6th Grade Math
Exam - 6th Grade Test

Screenshot 2016-06-20 10.50.55.png
3. Select Teacher
For this training:
To show viewing of scheduled test sessions, choose:
Teacher - Clara Barton
4. Click on New Test Session

There are three different places to find the New Test Session
  • Option 1 - Click on a Course with 0 (zero) Test Sessions and the New Test Session button will be in the test window at the top left.
  • Option 2- Right Click/Control Click on a Course and a dropdown will appear with New Test Session as an option.
  • Option 3- Click on a Course with a scheduled test session. Click on the Menu button just above the list of students assigned to that session. A dropdown will appear with New Test Session as an option.
Option 1

Option 2

Option 3
5. Change or Select any desired test session options (if not desired, leave blank)
  • Session Type
    • iTest
    • iTest Read-Aloud
    • Paper/Pencil
  • Session Name
  • Randomization (Choose up to three)
    • Question Order for Each Student
    • Passage Order for Each Student
    • Answer Order for Each Student
  • Set a Download Password
  • Set a Submit Password
  • Show Students their test scores
  • Allow Review
  • Select Review end Date and Time
  • Immediately add all students to the new Test Session
Screenshot 2016-06-20 11.00.04.png
6. If there are students whose most recent tests were Read-Aloud, you will be prompted to select Yes or No for immediatly creating a Read-Aloud session for them.
Screenshot 2016-06-20 11.00.24.png
7. You will see the settings for everyone set to participate in the new session. Make any changes needed for individual students. Option buttons are located at the far right of each student's name.

Delete a Student from a Session - Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 12.41.16 PM.png

Grade a Student's Exam - Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 12.41.23 PM.png

Reset a Student's Exam (to allow retaking) - Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 12.41.30 PM.png
Screenshot 2016-06-20 11.04.27.png
8. Set Exam as Open for Testing (Green Light)

Pending exams have a red light symbol. To make it possible for students to take the exam, the exam status must be changed from Pending to Open for Testing.

  • Click the dropdown triangle to the right of the red light
  • Choose Open for Testing (green light) from the dropdown menu
Screenshot 2016-06-20 11.10.19.png
From this screen, teachers can view:
  • a list of students assigned to that session
  • student status (testing, not testing, completed)
  • current number of questions answered (ex. 3 of 10)
Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 12.53.08 PM.png

Administering Exams

(How Students Take Exams)

Online Testing
  • Available for iTest and iTest Read-Aloud test session types
  • Student testing interface is iTest*
    • Web-based
    • Available for Mac, PC, Chromebook, iPads, and Android tablets
Paper/Pencil Testing
  • Available for paper/pencil test sessions
  • Print student answer sheets directly from the Testing Center Tab
  • Multiple scanning options are available
Creating and Administering a Paper Pencil Test One-Pager

PowerSchool's Full Set of 4 Scanning Options


Reporting Tab

Accessing Reports Using the OVERVIEW TAB

1. Click Reporting Tab
2. Select Assessment Results in the dropdown
3. Select Location, Subject, Term, Reporting Template, and THEN Exam.
*Reporting template must be selected before Exam choices are active.
For this training:
Location - Abraham Lincoln Middle School
Subject - Math_6(CCSS 2010)
Term - Select 2015 and open the dropdown to choose School Year (CC Reporting)
Reporting Template - Select Common Core State Standards
Exam - Select Quiz then open the dropdown and select OnTracDistrictQuiz
School Data (Overview tab)
1. When you make the suggested selections, you will see a list of teachers in the left column.
2. School Overview information shows in the right column.

Overview Information (available at the school, teacher, course, and student levels)
  • Criteria Summary
    • School year
    • Subject
    • Exam Category
  • Statistics
    • Number of standards tested
    • Number of test items
    • Number of classes tested
    • Number of students tested
  • Pass Rate
  • Sub Group Pass Rates
School Data.png
Teacher Data (Overview Tab)
1. Click to select an individual teacher at the left.
2. Teacher Overview information shows in the right column.
For this training:
Teacher - William Clark

Class Data (Overview Tab)
1. Click to select a specific course
2. A student list automatically expands with student averages listed by name.
  • Passing averages appear in black text.
  • Failed averages appear in red text.
For this training:
Course - Math6(10)

Student Data (Overview Tab)
1. Click to select an individual student
  • Criteria Summary
  • Statistics
  • Reports
  • Student Score

Accessing Reports Using the GRADE SHEET TAB

*The Grade Sheet Tab is not available at the School or Teacher level. It becomes active at the course level.

1. Click to select a course
2. Select Grade Sheet Tab
3. Shows exam results for the entire class broken down by question
  • Available at the class and student level
  • Provides class averages for the exam and for each test question
  • Provides exam average and item responses for each student
  • Can click to see question and question details
  • Can click an individual student to see only that data
  • Can click to Download as a CVS file
  • Can click the Show dropdown for Standard averages available for class and students
Accessing Reports Using the STANDARD AND ITEM ANALYSIS TAB

*The STANDARD AND ITEM ANALYSIS TAB is not available at the School or Teacher level. It becomes active at the course level.

1. Click to select a course
2. Select Standard & Item Analysis Tab
  • Provides the percentage of students answering correctly
  • Details the percentage of students selecting each answer choice
  • Can expand a standard to see data by indicators
  • Can print detailed reports at each level by clicking the printer icons

Ideal for analyzing trends in class or student responses.

  • Easy to interpret student mastery by standard

'View By' and 'Expand To' Options in the Standard and Item Analysis Tab

View By
1. Click the dropdown arrow by View By
2. Select Question, Bloom's Taxonomy, Webb's DOK, or Standard

Expand To
1. Click the dropdown arrow by Expand To
2. Select Question or Question Details
Student Performance by Question in the Standard and Item Analysis Tab

1. Click to check the Report: Student Performance By Question in the upper right corner

  • Provides item and standard averages at all reporting levels
Printing and Exporting Reports

1. Click the printer icon
2. Select the printer icon within the print area to print
3. Select the export icon within the print area to export file

Help Features


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Email Support -
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  • very fast and responsive
  • technician can text responses and take over your computer, if needed

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