Clear Targets

Participants will be able to
  • use Office 365 to communicate and collaborate in several ways:
    • Student to Student
    • Student to Teacher
    • Teacher to Student
  • login, setup a profile, and access Office 365 Web Apps.
  • create and share a file on OneDrive using Office 365 Web Apps such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Sway.
  • use other Office 365 Web Apps such as Delve, Sites, and OneNote.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 offers communication, creation, and collaboration tools for you and your students.

Navigating to the Office365 Portal

Go to your Firefox, Chrome, or Edge browser.
Go to your school's website.
Click on 'Student Email' in the left margin.


Go to your Firefox, Chrome, or Edge browser.
Go to the CMCSS website.
Touch the Students and Parents Tab
Click on 'Student Email'.
CHSEdmodo.pngScreenshot 2016-05-17 09.47.35.png
Log In Process
Type in Username
first.last* (*last 3 digits of the Powerschool number)


Click in the password box or hit tab or enter.

*Quick Tip-have students copy username as they will be asked for it again and they can simply paste it.
A small authentication box will appear with lines for Username and Password.

*Students will then retype their username and type their password in the small authentication box.

Password: FL#### (First Initial Last Initial Last 4 of the Student Pin)


If using Chrome or Internet Explorer, only use first.last### for the username in the authentication required box.

The first time you log in, it will ask you to set your time zone. Choose Central Time Zone, US and Canada.

Teacher Login:
Password: (whatever you chose)
Home Screen

Students - Outlook - When you log in, you will see your portal page with all available apps or the Outlook home screen.

To navigate between all of your available apps you will need to click the waffle at the top left of the screen.

You can also navigate to the calendar, Onenote, Office Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Sway, etc.

*You may be prompted to download Microsoft products on this screen. It is not necessary to download those on your school computer as they are already loaded.

Outlook Email- The Outlook screen is where you are able to view, create, and send emails.
In order to create an email, click on "New Email" in the upper right hand corner.

The blue bar at the top will allow users to view additional features.

Teachers - Office 365 - Teachers DO NOT have an Outlook Email account in Office 365. The teacher home screen will show the available apps in a grid. Click on the desired product. (Ex. OneDrive, OneNote, Word, Powerpoint, Excel)

To email students, teachers will use their CMCSS email account.
Student Home Screen

Calendar - Students have a link to an Outlook Calendar. It is a great tool to help stay organized.

Teachers can create events on their CMCSS Outlook calendar and invite students to them. Once accepted, these events will show on the student calendars.

Students can also create events by clicking on "New Event" in the upper right hand corner.
The People tool is where you can find the "Offline Global Address List". This is a directory of email addresses for every student in the entire school district. It is located on the left hand side of the screen.
people (2).JPG
Newsfeed is the area you can find the people, documents, sites, and tags that you are following.

The Newsfeed section also has a blog section. You can find the blog in the menu on the left hand side.

Word of Caution*
What you post in the "Start a conversation box" is shared with EVERYONE in the district!

The first time you log in, Newsfeed and OneDrive may not be available. It will say that it is not ready, and a blue box may appear about SharePoint. Just click ok. Within 24-48 hours your Newsfeed and OneDrive portion will build.

OneDrive provides students with online access to create, save, and share their work.

It also provides students with 7 GB of online storage. This means students can access this wherever they are! No more saving work to the server and not being able to work on it at home.

Documents can be uploaded by clicking on "New document" and then uploading a document.

Or you can click on "Files" in the upper right hand corner, then upload document.
SkyDrive (2).JPG
OneDrive not only allows students to upload and store documents. Students have access to a web-based version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

As you and your colleagues view, edit, and share documents Delve learns and begins to tailor your interests on boards. You will see your most relevant information on a dashboard. You can add cards on the dashboard for quick and easy access for your and your students.

1. Find your documents and those that have been shared with you.
2. Includes all of your recent activity
3. People has anyone that has shared information with you.
4. Any document, email, video, etc. is displayed as a "card". Click to open.
5. Click the plus to add cards to board to access them quickly when you need them.
Screenshot 2016-05-17 13.34.23.png
OneNote and OneNote Class

Online notebooks where you can share documents and discussions with a class.

OneNote and OneNote Class
Microsoft Teams

Teams is a digital hub that brings conversations, content, and apps together in Office365. Using Teams, teachers can move quickly and easily from conversations to content creation with context, contiuity, and transparency.

Use Teams to:

  • Manage projects, tasks, and content applications
  • Real-time information and updates in team conversations
  • Support collaboration with apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote and even other apps like Kahoot, Busuu, Canvas, and Flipgrid

Learn More about Teams for Educators

Learn More about Teams for School Administrators

Follow-up Support Training:
Screenshot 2016-05-17 12.45.32.png
"Teacher Academy - In the Cloud File Storage, Collaboration and Communication with Office 365" course from the experts at Microsoft Virtual Academy

Office365 Student Academy-

Backing Up Student Files

As students leave the district, the need arises to back up their files stored in OneDrive in Office365 as they will no longer have access to our school account. Here you will find directions to help with this process.

Overview of Blended Learning - Khan Academy video tutorials featuring content from the Christensen Institute

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