CMCSS uses CPS (Classroom Performance System) by eInstruction for grades K-12. Each school in the district has at least one CPS unit (with 32-35 student response pads) available for teacher check out.

What is CPS?

The CPS system consists of one response device for each student and one receiver.

Students will be able to enter responses with the response device which will promote greater student involvement, achievement, and progress.

CPS will allow you to capture real-time assessment data so you can instantly identify individual learning needs and alter instruction as needed.


What is included in my school CPS set?

32 individual response devices and one receiver


Basic Topics

For all things CPS, Interwrite, or Examview at

CPS Software -

  • The CPS software is loaded on the teacher laptops. If you do not have this software, your computer needs to be updated from Computer First Aid.
  • CPS, Examview, and Interwrite Workspace software are all available from this site.

Training Tutorials

  • Mac and Windows videos
  • includes tutorials for CPS, Examview, and Interwrite
  • These outstanding short, specific video tutorials are available online from the company for you to view at any time. Follow the link then decide which topic you want to focus on learning.

PC ONLY tip:
When you plug the receiver into your computer's USB port and open CPS to deliver a lesson, go to Settings in the menu at the top and select Delivery Options, then click the Receiver tab. Do this BEFORE engaging your CPS session!!!
Click on Detect Receiver, take one pad and click until your computer finds the correct port for the receiver. You should only have to do this once each day/time you use CPS if you leave the receiver plugged in, even if you are using it for several class periods.

This is a good time to check other settings in Delivery Options if you have not already done so, such as whether or not you want to show the answer distribution, the correct answer, etc. but detecting the receiver before you begin is most important, allowing the answers being entered by students to be received and recorded by the CPS application.

MAC Software tip:
If you get a message that says "Receiver can not be detected" first try plugging the receiver in BEFORE opening CPS. This should make finding the receiver automatic as it has always been. IF that does not work, do not panic, just follow these simple.
1. Close the CPS application.
2. Go to your eInstruction Device Manager.
3. Click eInstruction Device Manager to open it.
4. Go to Options.
5. Choose Add Gen1 IR
6. Click any button on one of the response pads from the bag until the receiver is detected. The icon will appear in the device manager window and a dialogue box will appear. In the dialogue box, click OK.
7. Open CPS and engage your lesson as usual.

Navigating CPS Reports

Navigating CPS Reports

Advanced Topics

Sharing CPS Lessons

Exporting CPS Lessons

Once you have created a lesson, it can be shared with others. You will need to EXPORT the lesson to share it.
1. On the Lessons Tab, Click on the name of the lesson you wish to export to highlight.
2. Click the Import/Export icon at the top of the Lessons window.
3. Click Export to CXM.
4. In the window that opens, name the test and choose where you would like it to save.
5. Click SAVE.

To share with others, either email the file to the intended recipients or place it on the server for access.

Teacher Samples - Existing CXM files with CPS quizzes/lessons that you can import and edit.
CMCSS Tech Lessons Wikispace - CPS Lesson Database

Importing CPS Lessons

You can import lessons created by other people. Either teachers you know who are sharing a lesson or by doing a quick search in Google. A Google search will reveal a large number of CPS lessons in any number of topics for nearly every grade level. They are listed as ".cxm" files. Your CPS software can import these questions into your database of questions so you don't have to "remake the wheel."
  1. Download or add the .cxm file to your computer.
  2. Open CPS program.
  3. Click the LESSONS tab.
  4. Click "Import" or "Import/Export", then choose the CXM file.
  5. Click OK. It will begin to import the file. Note: If the file has any graphics, they will be stored separately from the questions and automatically placed in the same folder as your CPS database file.

Mac Directions - Export from & Import files to CPS Database

Creating Classes using Information from PowerSchool Gradebook

PowerTeacher to CPS

You can export your rosters from PowerSchool and import them into CPS to set up your classes!

Mac - Export Rosters (PowerTeacher) and Import Classes (CPS)

PC - Export Rosters (PowerTeacher) and Import Classes (CPS)

Examview to CPS

Examview Samples ExamView Learning Series provides a sampler of questions aligned that can be downloaded.

Examview and CPS PDF
  • Mac and PC instructions included
  • PC instructions with and without Interwrite