Schools Served:

Kenwood Middle
Kenwood High

With Special Projects of...
  • Coding
  • Middle School Computer Literacy/STEM
  • Z-Space
I am thrilled to be a technology integration coach for CMCSS. I believe that computers can help us unlock the imaginations of our students. As a classroom tool, the computer is as close to a magic wand as we, or more importantly our students, can really have.

As a technology integration coach, I provide professional development opportunities to our district and assist teachers in the development and implementation or rigorous, technology-rich lessons. In addition to providing professional development throughout the calendar year, I am assigned to specific, individual school to work directly with their faculties. I work closely with the administration, teachers, and students, as I share strategies and digitals which impact the learning process.

What Can I Do For You?

  • Model a Lesson
  • Integrate Technology Into The Curriculum
  • Provide Technology Professional Development
  • Learn to utilize Vernier Probes and Sensors
  • Use strategies to eliminate so much grading
  • Gain immediate student feedback
  • Motivate your students
  • Make learning come to life
  • Build a collaborative classroom
  • Help you publish student work