Canvas is the learning management system (LMS) that makes teaching and learning easier by streamlining the workflow between teachers and students while connecting them to many of their favorite tools.

Access Canvas

Teacher Log In Information

Username: first.last
Password: My Login

Student Log In Information

Username: first.last### (last 3 of lunch number)
Password: FL#### (initials capitalized and the last 4 of the student PIN)

Canvas or Google Classroom

What are the main difference between Canvas and Google Classroom? How to know which one is right for you?

Where do I begin?

Check out the CMCSS 6-12 Canvas Teacher Checklist for Starting the Year

How do I get students started?

(Presentation is still under construction.)

What do all of these words and symbols mean?

There are a lot of new terms and symbols in Canvas. Check out our cheat sheet

Still Have Questions?

Check out the Canvas guides. Keep in mind, CMCSS Canvas settings may be different than settings in the guides.

Canvas Training Series with Rachel
Attending an in-person session with Rachel? Check out this link for the agenda and session slide decks.