21st century skills have been intertwined throughout TN state standards and we understand that as productive citizens our students will need these skills to preform jobs of the future. Using technology for the sake of technology is a thing of the past. Windows 10 provides the best platform for changing the way teachers teach and students learn. It is the platform for doing - helping educators and institutions unlock the potential of students and teachers.

This session will take participants through the many features found in Windows 10 to enhance teaching and learning.

Clear Targets:

  • Participants will use more advanced features of Windows 10

  • Research while using the strategy of close reading with the Edge browser.

  • Participants will learn how to share their work through OneNote, Office 365, and the Edge Browser

  • Participants will learn how to can make teaching more efficient through the use of multiple desktops

  • Participants will brainstorm trouble shooting for items such as wifi-connection, displays, adjusting screen settings


Link to this session's Todays Meet

Basic Tasks

Repairing Wi-Fi Connection
Function F8 if a kid turns it off
Setting Up Screen Resolution
Click or Touch holding down on the desktop
Choose Display Settings
Scroll down and choose Advance Display Settings
Choose the Resolution that works best
Click or Touch Apply
Naming Conventions
No spaces, not over 50 characters, no special characters will not back up to the server
Find the server folders under the File Explorer Icon foldericon.PNG
Getting Remote Help
Work directly with your tech coach to help with issues:
Saving Work
Do not save work to the desktop. Use naming conventions without special characters.
Viewing all Open Windows
Swipe in the motion of a backward C in the left hand corner.
Creating Multiple Desktops
Use the desktops.PNG
Organize your work flow for easy access.

Troubleshooting such as repairing wi-fi connection, changing screen resolution, using - efficient practices and productivity tools, using apps for educational purposes, snapping windows to grid (side by side, etc) - naming conventions, downloading/finding files in folders-

Session Activities

Introduction to Windows 10 for Education
Continue with the PowerPoint, this sets the stage for why Windows 10 is the best platform for teachers and students.

Familiar, but better than ever (Interface)
Demonstrate, review, and practice how to access the Start menu and apps, how to customize the Start menu by pinning programs and apps to the taskbar and favorites window, and how to search for content.
A Day in My Lifeā€¦.
Beginning the Day with Windows 10
  1. PowerSchool Pinned Tile
  2. Cortana
    1. Send Joey Gomez to speech at 1:15 pm
    2. Call Mrs. Murray about the parent teacher conference
    3. find bing photo of the day
    4. Play Roar by Katie Perry
    5. set a timer for 15 minutes
  3. Prepare Mulitple Desktops
Bellringer- In a Class Onenote
Attendance and Email
Content Work
Clear Target for the Day

Learn to personalize and customize a Windows 10 device and access settings within apps.

Experiment with Cortana, your personal, digital assistant, who is ready and waiting to help you with a variety of tasks, find you information, and keep you organized.

Multiple Desktops for Organization

Microsoft Edge
Learn, experience, and practice searching from the address bar, writing on the web, reading view and Hub in the new Edge browser.
Research using Close Reading
Pick your grade level and Content
  • 4th Grade-Native American Tribes
  • 7th Grade-Roman Empire
  • 10th Grade-Industrial America
  • Ask
  • Annotate
  • Apply
  • Archive-Save and Send to Onenote
  • Customize for my Learning

Windows Store, Universal Apps, and Add-Ons
Take the new unified look and feel of Windows 10 apps, such as Maps, Photos, OneNote and apps from the Windows Store for a drive and get comfortable using some of the many universal apps.
How Does this Change Instruction?
Science Lesson (Visit Multi-doing page)
  • Using Snap to View quadrants and the Corinth App "free classroom lite" (use heart, fern, geology)
  • Plug Ins PPT and Word
  • Share In directly from the application of Word and PowerPoint to OneDrive or Office365

Group discussion and checkpoint
Discuss the multiple modalities for differentiated learning - spend some time showing the different ways students can use the computer (digital ink, touch, keyboard, on-screen keyboard with ink-to-text, and Speech Recognition)

Learn how to use the new sharing menu built in to Windows 10 File Explorer, installing OneDrive for Business from Office 365 and opening and saving items from OneDrive for Business in Office.

Getting Help on your new machine

Trouble Shooting Tips

Troubleshooting Tip #1:
No log on servers available--Check the wi-fi before turning in a work order. Use the Fn key, on the bottom left of the keyboard, and the F8 Key. Try to log on to the computer again.

Troubleshooting Tip #2:
When flipping to the tent or tablet mode, watch the power button on the side. If hit, the machine goes to sleep. Just wake the computer up and sign back in.

Troubleshooting Tip #3:
Screen not rotating? With your computer in tablet mode, open the action center and turn off/on the Rotation Lock as needed. Flip back to traditional mode to check if the rotation is working.

Survey - We value your feedback!
Please complete the Professional Learning Activity (PLA) Evaluation before leaving today.

Overview of Blended Learning - Khan Academy video tutorials featuring content from the Christensen Institute
Common Sense Media **Introduction to the SAMR Model**
SOS Strategies - For a great list of classroom strategies shared by Discovery Education, visit http://tinyurl.com/SOS-strategies.
For a list of recommended tools by subject or standard, educator reviews, and additional information, visit https://www.graphite.org.
Common Sense **K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum** Scope and Sequence
A comprehensive curriculum designed to empower students to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in our digital world.
  • lesson plans, videos, student interactives, and assessments
  • professional learning and family outreach material