Do a Pre-Flight Check

Pilots don't just hop in the plane and go. They run through safety checks before they ever leave the ground. This assures that all passengers arrive safely at their destination. Teachers who experience difficulty with technology may have just picked up the mobile lab carts or student response system without checking it expecting everything to be perfect. Sharing technology in a building often means we must rely on each other to follow procedures to keep the technology running smoothly.
  • Are the resources reserved, as needed?
  • Have you considered travel time when reserving the items?
  • Are the computers/devices charged?
  • Is the mobile cart's power switch turned on?
  • Are the power cords from the carts plugged in?
  • Is the printer on and loaded with paper?
  • Is the software/app you plan to use loaded on all of the student devices?
  • Will any new students need an account created, to be added to a course, or be provided with logon information? Do you need to look up student information and prepare login cards?