iPads in the Classroom

This course is designed for those teachers who are NEW to iPad use.

Clear Targets

I will:
  • review district policies and procedures related to the use of mobile devices.

  • practice basic iPad use and management.

  • evaluate apps for educational value.

  • share strategies for classroom implementation.

TodaysMeet (Parking Lot for Questions and Comments for Today's Class)
Course Discussion Board

Introduction to iPads

The iPad and similar tablet devices offer a new method of interacting with students in the classroom. Although they do not have the full functionality of a laptop, there are many apps available that make use of the iPad's touch screen technology and interactive user interface. This technology is intuitive and engaging for learners of all ages and is often powerful when used effectively in the classroom setting.


Learning to use the iPad -

The younger you are, the more natural and intuitive the iPad feels. Terms like swipe, swoosh, swish, tap, shake, tip, pinch, and jiggle are used with frequency as students master iPad maneuvers.

Self-Directed Learner Example

How To
Power On/Off
Hold the Lock Screen button from the short side of the iPad
  • if Powering On, the iPad will start and you can let go when the Apple logo shows
  • if Powering Off, a slider switch appears on the screen, then slide it to the right
Sound Up/Down
The volume controls are on 1 of the long sides of the iPad

Screen Rotation
Pull the menu from the bottom of the screen and use the Lock Rotation button
Lock/Unlock Screen
  • Press and release the Lock Screen button to lock the screen
  • Press and release the Lock Screen button, then slide across the words, "Slide to Unlock"
  • Hold your finger on 1 app until they all wiggle.
  • Slide and drop the app on top of a similar/related app
  • Delete and rename the folder
  • Press the Home Button on the front, short side of the iPad to set the folders/apps
  • Swipe between rows to get search box
  • Search by first letter or first two letters (even Kindergarten students can do this easily)
  • Click desired app icon to open
  • when opening an app be sure to allow the microphone and allow access to photos

PuppetPals HD

How To
Move/Resize the Characters
on the Stage
  • Touch, hold, drag to move
  • Pinch or spread to resize
  • Note that it is very intuitive for students and often requires little or no instruction
  • Press the Record button to start
  • Press the Stop button when finished.
  • Press the floppy disk with down arrow button to save.
  • Type the Title
  • Click SAVE.

Share as Example of PD/ Discuss Free vs. Paid Apps

Camera and Educreations
Camera and Geoboard
Connect to Wi-Fi
(The iPads are set to the district wifi and should connect automatically. Should it become disconnected, for some reason, follow the directions below to reconnect.)
Check at top of the screen, for connection to a Wi-Fi network signal.jpg. The iPad will then reconnect anytime it is returned to the same location.

Join a Wi-Fi network or adjust Wi-Fi settings.
1. Go to Settings set.jpg
2. Wi-Fi genwif.jpg
3. Choose a network:
4. Tap one of the listed networks (cmcss) and enter the password, if asked.

Show Camera/Photos Folder
Take photo
Search Educreations
Take Screen Capture
Email Out
Email for email out only
  • Generic to school
  • Name should be in subject line

Types of Useipadsphoto.jpgipads2photo.jpg

  1. Individual
  2. Teacher led small group
  3. Stations/Small group/Pairs
  4. Whole group

Types of Strategies

  1. Tools - Whiteboard, Geoboard, *Ruler (Share Tools Folder)
  2. Drill- Oh, NO Fractions, Telling Time (Green Clock), Bluster, Graphs, Animal and Young,
  3. Conceptual - Zoom, iCell, Glowburst* (Share Story), Hungry Fish, Slide (any), (*Factor Samurai), (*Motion Math), PaperPort, Skyview
  4. Creativity- Puppet Pals, StoryWheel, ChatterKid, StopMotion
  5. Productivity- Evernote, Audionote -
*Share Skyview Example -
  • Outside (discuss why)
  • Horizon Line
  • Objects in Sky
  • Stars all around
  • Align to globe
  • Share story

Examples of Evernote - GES

Choosing Apps - Validity/Reliability/Responsibility

Search Options
  • Use of keywords
  • Read reviews
  • Note number of reviews
  • Note description
  • Note in-app purchase options or ads
  • View screenshots
  • Note age limit/genre
  • Reputable developer
  • Look for other apps from the same developer example http://motionmathgames.com/

Find Blogs or Recommendations
Share App Blogs

We also recommend checking out the app and website reviews offered from Common Sense Media at http://www.graphite.org/

Apps for Evaluation:
Fair Food Maker App

  • Immediate Ads
  • Repeated in app purchasing options that require action
  • Extremely limited choices for free
  • Little educational value
  • Still fun and engaging
  • Validity? Reliability? Responsibility?

Splash Math Kindergarten
  • Common Core aligned
  • Multiple standards addressed
  • Engaging and entertaining for students
  • Reputable developer
  • *Limit of 20 questions per day
  • Validity? Reliability? Responsibility?

swapp.jpgSIght Word Ninja
  • Standard specific
  • Engaging and entertaining for students
  • Parental Gate
  • Can differentiate (difficulty, duration, word choices)
  • Reputable developer (grasshopperapps)
  • Validity? Reliability? Responsibility?

iPad Apps in CMCSS List

District Procedure for iPad Set Up and Loading/Purchase of Apps

  • AppsGoneFree

Downloading, Procedures, Passwords
  • Wifi limitations
  • Work orders
  • Individual loading
  • Reasonable expectations
  • Paid vs. Free
  • Paid - for education

Please complete the Professional Learning Activity (PLA) Evaluation before leaving today.
*Note-When attendance is marked in PLAN you will receive an email with a link to take the evaluation. We have disabled the PLAN evaluation because we are asking you to complete this one but you MUST click the link that is in the email to receive your in-service hours.