Clear Target:
I can
  • perform basic common tasks on an iPad.
  • use district policies and procedures to install free/purchased apps to student iPads.
  • evaluate apps to ensure alignment with standards and best use.

The iPad and similar tablet devices offer a new method of interacting with students in the classroom. Although they do not have the full functionality of a laptop, there are many apps available that make use of the iPad's touch screen technology and interactive user interface. This technology is intuitive and engaging for learners of all ages and is often powerful when used effectively in the classroom setting.


1. Resource Reservation
It is important to use the Resource Reservation System to check out iPads if they are used as shared resources (labs or groups of devices) in your school.

2. Basic Use
  • Power On/Off
  • Home Button
  • Sound Up/Down
  • Swipe
  • Practice Screen Rotation
  • Lock/Unlock Orientation of Screen
  • Screen Capture
  • Apps/Folders
  • Create a Folder (Math/Calculator)
  • Search/Open
myscript.jpgMyScript Calculator
    • Swipe between rows to get search box
    • Search by first letter or first two letters
    • Click desired app icon to open
    • When opening an app be sure to allow the microphone and allow access to photos (if asked)
  • Move
    • Touch, hold, drag to move
    • Note that it is very intuitive for students and often requires little or no instruction
  • Discuss Free vs. Paid Apps

3. District Procedures

For a link to the iPad Information and Procedures for Teachers Google Document, please contact your Technology Integration Coach.

These procedures are dynamic. Always refer to the link to the iPad Information and Procedures for Teachers Google Document to ensure the most current information.

4. App Evaluation

It is easy to spend hours searching the App Store for the perfect app. Keep in mind while searching your desired outcome and the standard being taught. This can help to focus your search. Apps with distracting or inappropriate ads should not be used.

Search Options
  • Use of keywords
  • Read reviews
  • Note number of reviews
  • Note description
  • Note in-app purchase options or ads
  • View screenshots
  • Note age limit/genre
  • Reputable developer
  • Look for other apps from the same developer

Find Blogs or Recommendations
Share App Blogs

We also recommend checking out the app and website reviews offered from Common Sense Media at

Tips for Evaluating Apps

  • Immediate Ads
  • Repeated in app purchasing options that require action
  • Extremely limited choices for free
  • Little educational value

Look at these three apps and consider the following questions. Click the image to view the app description in the iTunes Store.
mayan.pngMayan Mystery Hidden Objects Thinking Blocks Ratios.pngThinking Blocks Ratios Access LArts Free.png Access Language Arts Free

  • Is it aligned to standards?
  • Does it have inappropriate ads?
  • Is it engaging and entertaining for students?
  • Does it have a reputable developer?
  • Is it valid, reliable, and responsible?

5. Demonstration of Apps
  • PaperPort Notes--FREE--PaperPort Notes is a digital note taking tool for the iPad that is transforming the way people create and share information. Now you can combine documents, web content, audio, typed text as well as hand written notes into a single document that you can easily organize and share with anyone.

  • Socrative--FREE--Socrative brings smart clickers, student response and ease of use to a whole new level. Be engaged for the entire class with educational exercises and games. See all your classmates' ideas in real time and interact with the responses. Provide your teacher with feedback on the lessons and how well you understand the material. Ask your own poll questions for the entire class or build a premade activity for your whole class.

6. Closing Apps
At the end of each lesson, it is important to close each app. To ensure apps are closed, use the following procedure:
  1. Double click on the home button.
  2. After double clicking on the home button, your recently used apps will appear.
  3. Drag the window for each app to the top of the screen and release it.

iPad Tips to Remember:
iPads are all connected to the same Apple ID. This means any app downloaded to one iPad will be available to download on all of the iPads. Keep in mind paid apps must be purchased for each iPad they will be installed on.

iPads that are connected to the school Apple ID should NOT be connected to your personal Apple ID.

Do NOT share password with students!


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