Need to back up your computer? This is the right spot for you! Below are some resource videos for assisting you in backing up your computer. (You must be signed into your CMCSS Google account to view the videos. If you need your password reset for your CMCSS Google account, please contact your Technology Integration Coach.) Remember, First Aid is not able to back up your computer for you.

There are a variety of methods for backing up your computer (server, Google Drive, External Drive/Jump Drive, OneDrive, etc.). With this page, we are only focusing on the server and Google Drive. If you need assistance in backing up your computer using a different method, please contact your Technology Integration Coach.


You can back up your computer to the staff server from outside the district using a program called FileZilla. These instructions are only needed if you are attempting to connect to the server from home or another location without CMCSS wifi.

If you are in one of our buildings, check out our Viewing the Server wikipage for step-by-step information for accessing the server from WITHIN the district.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a great place to back up your files so that you have access to your files from any location and any device with unlimited storage.
Instructions for using Google Drive to back up your files.

Things You Might Back Up

These are the common locations where files might be located.
  • Files on your desktop
  • Files in your Documents folder
  • Images in Pictures
  • Music files
  • Video files from Movies
  • Downloaded files from Downloads
  • Examview files from eInstruction folder in Applications
  • Bookmarks from Internet browser


Back up your bookmarks from your Internet browser using the directions below. The bookmarks will be exported as a .html file.
Don't forget to back up the bookmarks .html file just like your other files!
MAC--Chrome Bookmarks
MAC--Firefox Bookmarks
MAC--Safari Bookmarks

WINDOWS--Chrome Bookmarks
WINDOWS--Firefox Bookmarks