Actively Learn

Clear Target(s):
I can
  • log into Actively Learn
  • explore content catalog to identify standards based reading selections
  • import text from online sources into Actively Learn
  • add questions and notes to a selected text to create a close reading lesson
  • add help text to a question to differentiate for selected students
  • explore Actively Learn's independent reading library
  • become familiar with Actively Learn's research tools and class data reports
  • share the lesson created with colleagues

Overview Video
*Please note that we do have access to a district version of Actively Learn in which the following features will be accessible to teachers and students.
  • Independent Reading
  • Research Tools
  • Reports with Formative Data
  • Teacher Sharing of Content

Teacher Overview :

  • Class assignments with interactive student reading
  • Embed questions, notes and media into an assignment
  • Automatic gradebook
  • Google Classroom integration
Everything in Free plus:
  • Assignment, class and student data reports
  • Assign to groups and individuals
  • Differentiation with extra help
  • Personalized scaffolding
  • Research tools, including Google Docs add-on for importing
  • Printing and customization
Everything in Team plus:
  • Create standard sets and performance rubrics
  • Administrator dashboards and rights management
  • LMS integration (coming soon)
  • Add-on: SIS integration
  • Catalog with thousands of texts across subjects and genres
  • Standards-based assignments
  • Limit of 3 text imports monthly
  • Rent copyright texts for as low as 50 cents per student
  • Unlimited text imports
  • Share assignments
  • Co-author assignments
  • Access all knowledge sets
  • Private school/district library to centrally manage content
  • Independent reading library with over 3,000 texts
  • Add-on: Include all 18,000 copyright texts with a flat fee
Prof.Learning & Implementation
  • Online course in key practices
  • Assignment reviews
  • Webinar PD sessions
  • Add-on: Microcredentials
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Support to import current texts
  • In-person PD sessions
  • Tailored implementation plan

Finding and Creating Content

With Catalog, District Library and Workspace

Browse Catalog-Content Library

The catalog includes texts and assignments shared by others that can be sorted by Lexiles and/or category. Teachers can use the texts only and add their own questions and notes or they can choose to use the text with layers that include the questions and notes from the sharer. Shared layers can be edited.


Create Assignments and Importing Your Own Text

  • Upload a text you would like students to closely read (from Catalog, an Internet article, a Google Doc or PDF).
  • Create Questions to accompany text
  • Share the text with classes or students


  • Send a copy to colleagues
  • Co-author with colleagues
  • Add to District Library

District Library

Browse the district library for content from CMCSS. Content is added by selected academic coaches and CCTs.

Adding Questions and Comments

  • Insert standards based questions that students must answer before proceeding with the text.
  • Insert notes to scaffold text and clarify meaning for students
    • Notes can include all types of media
  • Insert link for students to interact with content in a different manner
  • Whiteout to "hide" irrelevant content.



Creating a Quiz

There are 2 types of quizzes in Actively Learn: a standalone quiz, or an assignment marked as a quiz. Unlike assignments, students will not be able to see the correct response after answering a question. As of today, 6-7-17, there is no way to import individual questions into the quiz builder. The question stem and answer choices can be pasted individually.

For more information on creating a quiz and step-by-step directions, click here.

Assigning and Differentiating Content

With Workspace and Classes

Assigning Content to Students

From the Workspace, Assign.


In Classes
  • Lock/Unlock
  • Assign to Individuals


Accessing and Analyzing Student Work

In an assignment

Shared Notes

  • View All shared notes or notes by specific students
  • See "Flags for Help"


  • View by question or student
  • Grade Assignment
    • Advanced
    • Proficient
    • Basic
    • Incomplete
    • Zero
  • Allow Students to revise their work
  • Provide Feedback

Assignment Data

  • View time spent on assignment
  • Notes/Note Replies
  • Vocab Lookups
  • Flags
  • Question Progress


In Classes


  • View Overall for all assignments
  • View individual assignment grade


  • View Overall Student Activity





Student Log into Actively Learn

  • Navigate to Actively Learn Site
  • Click Student Sign Up (First time only)
  • Select the Google Login option
  • Enter student Google Login information
  • After the first time, students can sign in using their Google credentials

Student View in Actively Learn

  • Classes (with assignments)
    • Grades
    • Research Projects
  • Reports
    • My Data
  • Other
    • Independent Reading

Individualization for Students

Individual students can make adjustments to the text they are viewing such as margin and spacing, font size and style, background, paragraph numbering and dyslexic settings.

Students can highlight a word or phrase to
  • take notes
  • "flag" the teacher that they do not understand
  • hear it pronounces
  • get a list of definitions
  • translate it


Additional Actively Learn Information

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